Welcome to Creating Pathways Newcastle

Creating Pathways offers a variety of individualised therapeutic approaches for anyone seeking a greater sense of well being and happiness. Whether it be you are experiencing mental health issues, relationship breakdown, or just wanting to develop life long skills to create a meaningful life, Creating Pathways is the perfect place for you to begin in being supported to make change. With a variety of therapies on offer from counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, art therapy and reiki, you can be guaranteed to find an approach that is best suited to your needs and what it is you are seeking.





Imagine a life where:


  • your wounds from the past have been healed
  • you are setting and achieving your goals
  • you have a happy, healthy self esteem
  • you have developed strategies to conquer your anxieties and stresses
  • you wake up feeling motivated and free from depression
  • you no longer experience recurring nightmares
  • exams are approached with confidence and ease



Make the change happen now!


Book your appointment at Creating Pathways today and together we can create the change in order for you to live your life to its fullest potential.