"At Creating Pathways you will be supported in finding your path to happiness and self love."

Are you looking to create a pathway to a better life?

Are you experiencing mental health issues that prevent you from reaching your full potential?

Are you looking to develop life long skills to create a more meaningful life?

Are you just simply needing support to help navigate through tricky times?

If you answered yes to any of these questions Creating Pathways is the perfect place for you to begin in being supported to make a change.

With a variety of therapies on offer from counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, somatic experiencing and art therapy, you can be guaranteed to find an approach that is best suited to your needs and what it is you are seeking.

Creating Pathways multi-modality approach enables you to be supported in a way that is unique to your needs. So whether it is you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or you are having issues with your weight or eating, or whether you are having panic attacks, or have fears or phobias, or whether you are experiencing  grief, loss or trauma, Creating Pathways is the place for you. There is no problem too big and at Creating Pathways we are able to help you move forward towards a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Creating Pathways offers services particularly to those who have experienced trauma and eating issues. Over the past 18 months Becky has worked with children and adolescents who have experienced family violence. She has a wealth of knowledge in working with trauma and has had great success in working with children and adolescents. 

Over the years Becky has worked in the field of eating disorders and her deep passion for working in this area comes from her own experience of having an eating disorder many years ago. Her insights and knowledge has come from writing research papers in this area, her own experience, and experience working with clients with eating disorders. Becky is currently a peer mentor for Eating Disorders Victoria, mentoring clients with eating disorders.  

So whether it is you are wanting to loose weight, experience greater happiness and joy, or whether it is you are wanting to remove the blocks that are getting in the way of you reaching your full potential, or that you are wanting to address your anxiety or depression, or whether it is you are wanting to heal from past wounds and trauma, Creating Pathways is the perfect place to begin to be supported in creating a better life for yourself that you ultimately deserve.