The Love Warrior Program is an 8 week online program jam packed with goodies and tools that will leave you with greater clarity on moving towards the life that you want to live


In this program you will discover what it means to love yourself and along the way you will explore the areas in your life that need attention and the blockages that are preventing you from experiencing greater balance and harmony.


The Love Warrior program is a 7 part system that addresses key areas in your life and addresses the blockages and disharmony that these areas can cause if out of balance.


At the end of this program you will gain valuable tools and insights that you can apply to your life to become the Love Warrior you were born to be. 

Becky, your facilitator brings with her an eclectic mix of skills to provide a program that is filled with support, creativity, insight, and growth. Click on the link below to find out more..


7 Days of Colour is a free online challenge guaranteed to bring more colour into your life. If you want a week of fun, exploring the 7 colours of the human energy chakras (and the rainbow) sign up now. In this challenge you will receive daily challenges, meditations, creative activities and most importantly you will be supported throughout the whole process. Most of all it is FREE! So grab some friends and put yourself on the list for the next challenge coming soon!

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