Choose Happiness - And Here's How!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Be Happy! Our only function here on earth is to be happy. Choose happiness over fear, and joy over pain. Believe it or not its a choice. When we choose happiness frequently, it becomes our state of mind and everything else follows.I have been doing this little experiment over the last week and it has been really interesting. Every hour, well at least when I remember, I take a moment and remind myself that my only function in this life is to be happy. It has made me realise that happiness is a choice. When I consciously choose to be happy it does actually make a difference. I feel lighter, not as heavy and believe it or not it even puts a smile on my face. Over this period of time I have noticed a shift in my out look on life, on how I treat others, and the person I am to be around.

Take control of your happiness

Much of our happiness is under our personal control. That means, taking time out for yourself, indulging in what you love most (like taking a warm, candle lit bath! Oh yes!) maintaining deep social connections, challenging yourself, setting yourself goals and reaching them. By consciously doing things that make you happy allows happiness to seep into every core of your being. Thus allowing happy thoughts to reside in your conscious waking mind on a regular basis.

5 Elements to Happiness

The road to happiness for some might not seem as easy as simply making the choice to do so. A recent study by Gallop revealed  there are five interconnected elements that are essential to our happiness and wellbeing. This includes: career, relationships, finances, health and community. This extensive research that spanned over 150 countries revealed that a staggering 93% of people struggle to find happiness in their lives.

The most prominent mistake noted is the tendency to focus on only one of these elements for our source of wellbeing, which ultimately results in frustration and even failure. So even if we are doing well in one of these areas in life, struggling with your career, in your relationships, with your health, your  finances or not being a part of a community has a direct effect on our wellbeing.

When we strengthen our wellbeing  in any one of these areas we will experience greater happiness. Ultimately however unless we are living effectively in all five of these areas we are not getting the most out of our life.

Essentially there are things we can do to feel happy in our lives. If you are in a career that isn’t the right match, actively seek alternatives, explore your passions, seek advice. If in a relationship that is abusive, or destructive, find support and get out.

Find ways to improve your health, eat better, exercise – your mind and your body. Get on top of your finances, set goals, start saving, do a budget. And finally contribute, contribute to your community, get involved, be of service to those around you….it will come back to you in ways that you least expect.

Most importantly, consciously make the choice to be happy. Seek happiness where ever you go, forgive, forget and don’t hold grudges. Be grateful for the life that you have and SMILE.

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