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Trust is a fundamental aspect of our existence. When there is a lack of trust present in our lives we find ourselves lacking confidence, feeling unsafe and fears and anxieties wreak havoc.

Trusting in our lives is the fastest road to learning to love ourselves. When we know that regardless of what ever challenges lie in our way that we will be OK, a sense of freedom is created. However, when the reigns of self doubt lead us down a path of the frightened unknown, we become afraid of all the possibilities before us. Fear overcomes us and we become frozen in moving in the direction of our truth.

Trust in our bodies.

The same can be said about our bodies. Learning to trust our bodies and the wisdom that it holds opens our world up to a whole new perspective. Our bodies are an amazing masterpiece.  They are unique in every way and there isn’t a body out there that is the same.

We spend so much time bullying ourselves by the way we look and by the body that we have been given. We never really take time out to appreciate all the wonderful things that our bodies do for us.

Trusting in our body wisdom

Teach your mind to listen to the wisdom of your body and learn to understand your body in all that it does. Allow for it to take charge. When you allow your body to take care of you, you can begin to trust its guidance to keep you healthy and its wisdom and attunement with food.

Listen to what it is that your body needs. Is it hungry? Does it need that extra piece of chocolate cake? Does it really need that second serving? I often use the metaphor of a car when thinking about my hunger. I imagine the fuel tank and I ask myself where the gauge is on the fuel barometer. Is it on empty? Is is a quarter full? or is it half full? By imagining this barometer as my food gauge helps me to make better choices in when I choose to eat and how much.

Here is a great affirmation that is found on the TRUST card of my Heart Cards:

I am beautiful inside and out. I trust my body and treat my precious body with love and care. I am learning to listen to my body and trust myself to feed it what it deserves.

Trust in Others.

Unless we learn to gain a greater sense of trust in ourselves it is very difficult to expect to ourselves to trust others. I was once in a relationship where my partner didn’t trust me. It sent him mad. He would read my emails, look through my text messages and one time he even taped together a letter he found in the bin that I had written and had ripped up into tiny shreds. He’s mistrust of me became so delusional that he even accused me of kissing a friend in front of him.

He’s lack of trust in me was a reflection of his own sense of self and how secure (or should I say insecure) he felt in the relationship. It was my partner’s continual questioning of me that led to the demise of our relationship. Unfortunate my partner failed to understand how much I valued trust and honesty in a relationship.

When we don’t trust ourselves or others it can become toxic. Relationships fuelled with mistrust will only lead to disaster.

Reflection Exercise.

When faced with a difficult decision, take time out to sit with your choices. Get a sense of your body and trust it to give you the guidance you are seeking. Be still, breathe and take note of what your body is trying to tell you.

Mindful Movement

Take your body for a walk, a dance, a swim. Be mindful of all that your body does for you. Experience the magic of your body and trust in its wisdom.

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