Heart Cards are a set of 28 affirmation cards that serve as a tool to promote positive body image and self esteem. Each card has original artwork and represents a particular inner strength. A reflection or 'action' step is also included.

Heart Cards are designed to increase positive awareness of one's self and to increase one's love of self. Through the reflection exercises the reader is encouraged to take positive action towards oneself and how they feel about their body. 

Heart cards can be used for many purposes, in schools, community groups, in therapy and for individuals. 



Through the many years of being a hypnotherapist Becky has recorded numerous meditation audios for clients to take home to help facilitate their therapy. After running weekly meditation groups for several years she has developed a great skill in being able to take people on wonderful journeys and visualisations using meditation.

Whether you are needing stress relief, a greater sense of peace, ways to relax, freedom from anxiety, healthier thoughts towards food and your body, there is bound to be a meditation to give you relief from whatever it is your experiencing. Head to our shop to find out more......

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